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Backgrounds to Hamlet Projects
General Directions
Group One: Tell Hamlet's story as Shakespeare found it in his sources.
Group 2: What was the political mood in London during the last years of Elizabeth's reign?
Group 3: Describe the early 16th century's understanding of ghosts and the afterlife.
Group 4 : Describe the birth and development of commercial theatre in London in the 1590's.
Group 5: Describe how Shakespeare learned from and then moved beyond the magnificent first generation of English playwrights.
Group 6: At what stage in Shakespeare's theatrical career was Hamlet written?
St. Crispin's Day Speech from Henry V
Group 7: Review for the class the Ancient Greek understanding of tragedy.
Group 8: Describe the complex textual history of Hamlet.
Group 9: Organize an 40-minute Acting Warm-up to get us off of our feet.
Prologue from Henry V