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Crash Course Jackson
Crash Course War of 1812
Crash History Jefferson
Too Late to Apologize
French and Indian War Video Homework
Colonial American Government
Roots of Colonial Government
Atlantic Slave Trade
A Puritan Parody
A Pilgrim Parody
Jamestown Parody
Roanoke Parody
In Penn's Shadow
Exploration Extra Credit
Answer in your notebook:
Islam Extra Credit
Islamic Achievements
Ninja VIDEO answer questions in NOTEBOOK
Friday (10/20) homework - watch BOTH videos and answer in notebook
Video 1
Video 2 (watch first 10 minutes)
Because you love it so much!
Extra test review!
Video # 1
Video # 2
Thursday (9/21) homework
Friday (9/15) homework:
Video choice 1: answer the following questions in your notebook in complete sentences
Video choice 2: answer in complete sentences in notebook
Power of the Church
Fall of Rome
Syrian Refugees